Partnerships At Home and Abroad

            This past year we worked on partnership building with other institutions with common interests.  These included local, China based, and international organizations. They support us in a variety of ways including fund raising, publicity, sales, product development, and community building.

Canada China Environmental Forum  Our friends in Toronto Canada at the Mandarin School, have developed a forum for Canada-China Environmentally Green Business links.  This active group, spearheaded by Carla Kearns, has placed YMHF as the CSR link to sponsor as a socially responsible undertaking.  They have contributed to YMHF as well as promoted the foundation to its members.  Follow this link to read more.  The Canada China Environmental Business Forum was hosted in November 2007 in Toronto and Canada China Environmental Forum was held in Toronto in June 2008.

Dianne Pawlowski took a collection of Shangri La crafts to Ontario Canada in the fall 2007.  She was invited to display these crafts at the Canada China Environmental Forum June event.  She was able to promote Shangri La and YMHF from her first hand experience during her stay in Shangri La last year.

Student to Student Link YMHF and The Pakistan Embassy College, an international school based in Beijing has established a “friendship link” this spring.  The College has more than 400 students from Kindergarten through High School from 43 nationalities.  YMHF will connect them to the students at the Gyalthang Children’s Home where more than 50 orphaned children are in residence.  This is a good opportunity for bringing new friends to both communities.  The Pakistan College plans to hold fund raising activities for the students in the Gyalthang Children’s Home in the coming year.


Gyalthang Children’s Home Visit establishing partners
with Pakistan International College in Beijing

Suzhou Museum has taken a collection of crafts from the Handicraft Center to display and sell at the Museum shop in Suzhou.  Although this is a new relationship, it seems that the Tibetan themed goods are selling well.

Banyan Tree Shangri La promotes social corporate responsible partnerships in the local community.  The management has agreed to look at join projects between YMHF and BTS.  YMHF plans to produce a line of products to be sold exclusively at TBS.  TBS sends groups of tourists to the Handicraft Center as well.

Kawachen Carpet and Crafts and YMHF have plans to partner on a weaving project in Shangri La.  The Kawachen Group will send spun and dyed wool yarn to be woven by YMHF partner weavers in villages in the region. Kawachen is producing prototype pieces to be produced in Shangri La.  Traditional patterns will become the basis for fine woolen products for home use in the proposal